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Erin Strecker
October 25, 2012 AT 08:46 PM EDT

Just call it The Adventures of FernGaga.

Lady Gaga is a well-known fan of monsters, but now even plants are getting involved with her army of music and social justice. Botanists at Duke University have honored the pop star by naming a new genus of ferns, and 19 species within the genus, after her, E! reports.

“We wanted to name this genus for Lady Gaga because of her fervent defense of equality and individual expression,” Kathleen Pryer, director of Duke’s herbarium and professor of biology, told E!

I’m not entirely sure why, but this news just cracks me up. Having a star named after you? TOO DOWNRIGHT ORDINARY for a real-life superstar.

The scientists really went all-in on the branding front, naming the specific genus because of  its “somewhat fluid definitions of gender” or, as the singer herself might sing, some “bluffin’ with my muffin,” and a “distinct DNA sequence that spells out GAGA.” They clearly took a cue from her early singles, which regularly drop her name in the lyrics.

Unfortunately, Gaga has not yet tweeted anything about the news. But something tells me she’s simply speechless.

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