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October 31, 2012 AT 08:27 PM EDT

And then there were three. But after tonight, there can only be one. Syfy’s Face Off is just hours away from announcing the winning makeup artist of its third season, and this time, in a Face Off first, the fans – not the judges – get to decide who will be crowned the winner.

Last night’s episode, “Immortal Enemies,” functioned as part one of a two-episode finale and featured Nicole Chilelli, Derek Garcia and Laura Tyler’s last designs on the show. With the help of two eliminated contestants each, the finalists created two makeups, a demon and the good witch who hunts him down. The good witches had to represent one of the four classical elements; Tyler chose Earth, Chilelli picked Water and Garcia went with Fire.

Teaming the finalists with eliminated contestants did create some tension – it wasn’t easy for Roy Wooley to help Chilelli given his feelings about Face Off‘s twist to give Chilelli a second chance after she had been eliminated – but each finalist was ultimately able to lead their two assistants in creating makeups that would appear in a stunt show.

Though this time around the judges won’t have a say in who wins, they still supplied viewers with their thoughts on the witches and demons. They praised Tyler’s white birch tree-inspired Earth Witch, but Glenn Hetrick disliked Tyler’s choice to have her pollution-spreading demon look like it comes from a different world than the witch and said it “doesn’t feel like Laura’s work.” Chilelli’s coral headdress for the Water Witch earned top marks, as did her demon’s teeth made out of feather quills, but the angular, ram-horned head on her demon was criticized. The judges admired the profile and silhouette of both Garcia’s Lava Witch and his demon that had been trapped underground for years.

Neville Page also gave his overall impression of each finalist. He declared Tyler the “best makeup artist” of the bunch, and said Garcia is “best at communicating his ideas because of his drawing skills.” For Chilelli he had plenty of praise about how she had “knocked it out of the park” since her return to the show.

Fans can submit their votes for the winner now until 7 p.m. Wednesday on the Face Off website or via phone. The winner won’t be revealed until the finale, but Syfy is keeping track of how much buzz each contestant is getting on Twitter. Chilelli is currently the top trending of the three.

Host McKenzie Westmore told EW her advice for casting their votes for the winner:

“What I love about Face Off is that it’s never a popularity contest. It really is about the artistry. And I just encourage the fans to keep that in mind,” she said. “Really look at their body of work and, most importantly, [last night’s] show and how they feel the makeups are even before they are put through the test of the stunt show. How did they look on their models? Do they look like something that could be camera-ready?”

Tonight’s finale will air live on the east coast at 10 p.m. on Syfy. In all other time zones, a tape delayed episode will air.

As host, Westmore doesn’t get a chance on the show to voice her opinions of the contestants’ work, but she told EW which makeups were the most memorable – both the good and the bad – for her this season. Read on to see her take on some of the designs that earned contestants the honor of top look and some that got them sent home.

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