Tom Hodges
Jeff Labrecque
October 31, 2012 AT 09:10 PM EDT

“I’ve always looked at George Lucas as a modern-day Walt Disney,” says Tom Hodges, a freelance artist who’s worked for Lucasfilm on various projects over the years, including The Clone Wars web comic for Two years ago, with Star Wars Celebration V set for Orlando, Hodges took the logical step of creating a Star Wars Universe Dream Park Park Map based off an old 1966 Disneyland Map. It was purely hypothetical; who wouldn’t want to visit Mos Eisley Station or tackle the Death Star Trench Run ride?

The map was a huge hit with attendees of the Celebration, and Hodges’ accompanying attraction posters quickly became collectibles. “We handed out 250 of each and that was nuts,” Hodges says. “There was a line around the block for them.”

And then came Tuesday’s huge announcement that Disney was taking over the Star Wars business. Along with a new trilogy, it seems like only a matter of time before the galaxy far, far away gets it own amusement park. “I always thought this was something that should’ve been done a long time ago,” Hodges says. “But I found out when I was doing the map that Disney had a contract with Lucasfilm that they could not put a Star Wars theme park in a country that has a Disney park. But now that Disney owns LucasFilm, the sky is the limit.”

Click on the above image for a more detailed map of this happiest place on Earth and click below for four amazing attraction posters. I’m kind of partial to grabbing lunch at Jabba’s Palace Grill. I hear their Tatooine Frog dish is delicious.

    READ MORE: EW’s full coverage of the Disney-Lucasfilm deal

    READ MORE: EW’s full coverage of the Disney-Lucasfilm deal

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