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Nostalgia alert! 'Transformers Prime' take swipe at '80s cartoon in new promo -- EXCLUSIVE


(The HUB)

Gird yourselves, ’80s enthusiasts – the Transformers are taking over The Hub this Thursday.

From 5:30 p.m. ET on Nov. 1 through 7 p.m. ET Nov. 2, the family channel is showing nothing but episodes of the CG-animated series Transformers Prime – all leading up to the show’s brand new season 2 finale. As if you needed another reason to watch 26 hours of Transformers, this exclusive promo – in which Megatron’s latest incarnation makes fun of Soundwave for transforming into a cassette player way back when – will appeal to both your current self and your inner child. Sigh; the space robots looked so young back then! Check out the video below:

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