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Sandra Gonzalez
November 01, 2012 AT 06:49 PM EDT

Bones is back next week after three weeks of preemption, and there’s a lot in store.

Executive producers Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson hopped on the phone with a group of reporters to give the scoop on Booth and Brennan’s upcoming adventures:

+ Booth and Brennan’s are getting a new roommate, and you know him! As you may have read in Spoiler Room, after finding himself in a stage of post-breakup homelessness, Sweets moves in with the couple and the result is highly entertaining. So much so, in fact, that Hanson and Nathan decided to extend his stay beyond the one episode they had planned. “It was too fun,” says Hanson. “If something’s fun we’re going to stick there for a little while.”

+ Booth and Brennan put on their dancing shoes for an episode that puts the pair undercover at a ballroom competition. The episode has been teased since Comic-Con but Nathan had this additional nugget: “We find out in this that Booth actually taught ballroom dance while he was in college to make money….and Brennan — because of her phenomenal knowledge of kinesthesiology and anatomy — she believes as long as she can look at someone dance, she can replicate it exactly. I can tell you that’s not true.”

+ Brennan’s going to have a ‘near-death’ experience in an upcoming episode that’s going to rattle her to the core. “It causes her to reevaluate her life and see everything a little bit differently,” says Nathan. “So we’re trying to move these characters along and not have them be in the same place.” In related Brennan happenings, look for “someone we wouldn’t expect to see” from Brennan’s family pop up at some point this season. The bosses hinted that we’ve previously seen this female character “in passing.”

+ Anyone who has cruised Bones message boards has probably seen a little backlash from fans for what they feel is too much Sweets this season. So what did Hanson and Nathan say about this Sweets backlash? “I don’t think that’s true. It’s probably eight people on Twitter,” says Nathan.

+ Angela will show her tough side after a murder takes place at a roller derby and we find that Angela has experience in this area. “She’s helping out on a case in a way she wouldn’t normally otherwise,” says Nathan. “This is somebody who has been frustrated with her job…and she wants to break out a little bit. So getting slammed into a wall for roller derby seemed like a good way for that to happen for her.

+ Is there a new intern on the way? Indeed! In fact, the episode is being written and the character is in development. “We definitely want to add another face to the show,” says Nathan. Explains Hanson: “Pilot season is coming up and our normal squinterns, we always have scheduling issues around pilot season so it behooves us to have another in our quiver”

+ Pellant will reappear in January for “one of the biggest episodes we’ve ever shot,” says Hanson. It’s currently being filmed. Additionally, we can expect him to make one more appearance in March and, possibly the season ender. “He may or may not be a part of that,” says Hanson.


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