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Meet the hero and villains of 'Littlest Pet Shop,' The Hub's latest cartoon -- EXCLUSIVE

Littlest Pet Shop

(The Hub)

Can an exotic pet menagerie – including a panda, a gecko, and a mongoose – capture hearts and minds already infatuated with a crew of wide-eyed ponies? We’ll find out Saturday, Nov. 10, when a new cartoon hits The Hub: Littlest Pet Shop, an animated comedy about a girl and her action-packed pet day care. The series premieres at 11 a.m., right after the much-anticipated return of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

In Pet Shop’s premiere, we’re introduced to recent big-city transplant Blythe Baxter – a girl who can talk to animals. But before she can put her ability to use, Blythe will have to deal with her new neighborhood’s local mean girls: a set of snotty twins named Whittany and Brittany Biskit. Don’t be alarmed if the characters in this exclusive clip sound familiar; Blythe is voiced by My Little Pony’s virtuosic Ashleigh Bell, while the twins are voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent, the singing voice of pony Pinkie Pie.

Get an exclusive first look at Littlest Pet Shop here:

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