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'Side Effects' trailer: Steven Soderbergh takes on love and other drugs

Could this moody, pulpy thriller about a depressed woman (Rooney Mara) and her possibly murder-inducing anxiety medication be the last feature Steven Soderbergh ever directs? Possibly – which is why it’s fitting that Side Effects, formerly known as Bitter Pill, functions sort of like a reunion film for Soderbergh vets. Look, it’s Contagion’s Jude Law, Traffic’s Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Channing Tatum – a.k.a. Magic Mike himself! (Bonus points: Tatum also starred in Soderbergh’s Haywire.) Too bad it seems like things aren’t going so well for any of their characters this time around.

Catch up with the gang from Soderbergh High by watching the trailer here:

Side Effects hits theaters Feb. 8, 2013.

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