Darren Franich
November 06, 2012 AT 05:17 PM EST

While guesting on Conan last night, Sarah Silverman inadvertently wound up demonstrating the whole reason for the existence of smartphones in the modern age. “I came up with a craft that you can do with a phone,” Silverman explained to host Conan O’Brien, who seemed to know that he was walking into something terrible and had no choice but to move forward. “Turn your head to the side. Let your mouth be loose and natural, but put your lips together and put your tongue out just a tiny bit.” She took his picture. And the rest is history, except history that will soon be playing out in junior high schools across this great land Watch the full video below, and ask yourself whether the pixelation actually makes things worse:

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Ask Darren about late night television (Ferguson > Fallon), Sarah Silverman (how has she not aged in twenty years?), or naughty things to do with technology (type “55378008” on your calculator and then flip it over.)

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