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Jeff Jensen
November 07, 2012 AT 02:44 PM EST

Tonight’s new episode of Arrow on The CW features a villain who doesn’t say much, but comic-books fans will immediately recognize, nonetheless. He’s Deathstroke, an all-world mercenary and assassin who wears a mask with just one eye (you saw it teased in the pilot, mounted on a stick), and he just might have something to do with all those scars that Oliver Queen accumulated on his body during his mysterious hero-forging castaway days on Purgatory isle. Deathstroke (Jeffrey C. Robinson) is part of a wave of DC Comics characters about to invade Starling City during November sweeps to frustrate the emerald hooded archer’s mission to purge the blighted city of corruption by any means and trick arrow necessary.

This sneak peak at upcoming episodes teases a few of these rogues, including The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) and The Royal Flush Gang. In the comics, this squad of crooks wore costumes modeled after playing cards (the suit of clubs, specifically) and wielded high-tech sci-fi weapons. But Arrow clearly emulates the aesthetic that director Christopher Nolan brought to his Batman movies, and so the new iteration of the Gang is more crime flick gritty. Take a look at the promo, and comic fans, if you can spot other familiar faces, don’t keep it a secret — share in the message boards below.

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