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'Castle': The team walks into a documentary. But who's the biggest ham of all? -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Castle Documentary


When Castle, Beckett, and Co. walk into a film crew’s documentary in Monday’s episode of Castle, some of the gang are going to ham it up.

Unsurprisingly, Castle seems to lead the pack of attention-seekers in this exclusive clip from the episode, titled “Swan Song.” Also not surprising? Beckett’s unfazed by the camera’s presence. (In fact, she almost seems downright shy!)

“It’s a great chance for our characters to speak straight to camera and break the fourth wall so to speak, and they have a lot of fun with it,” executive producer Andrew Marlowe told EW recently. “It’s behind the scenes at the 12th precinct…They really can let their guard down.”

And if you think you’ll know how each character will behave when the cameras start rolling, think again. There will be some surprises. “Jon Huertas is particularly terrific in that episode,” says Marlowe. “His character starts off not really liking the cameras around and a few scenes in, he starts becoming the biggest ham. It’s really great.”

Check out a clip below!

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