Erin Strecker
November 09, 2012 AT 05:59 PM EST

You want to listen to some holiday music, but Christmas is still just a little too far away? If only there was a pop Thanksgiving song, you’ve probably thought to yourself at some point. I wish I could pretend a turkey leg was a microphone, and give shout-outs to mashed potatoes over a repetitive chorus complete with a random rap breakdown two-thirds of the way through the track.

Be careful what you wish for. Teen Nicole Westbrook’s song, “It’s Thanksgiving,” has all of the above and so, so much more. For those that cherished the easy reminder of the days of the week from Rebecca Black, this song — by the same team that brought you “Friday” — attempts to replace the calendar in your life. Westbrook lists out all the holidays, and subs Black’s “we we we so excited” for “we we we are gonna have a good time.”

I don’t know why I’m going to nitpick this, but I think my favorite part is right at the beginning, when she is counting down the days on a calendar and Nov. 28 is listed as Thanksgiving Day. That’s not even accurate this year! We we we did not fact check this.

Check it out below:

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