Erin Strecker
November 13, 2012 AT 07:02 PM EST

You could be forgiven for thinking this The Canyons trailer, starring Lindsay Lohan, is a parody.

Almost everything about it seems tongue-in-cheek. From the 1950s-esque black-and-white alongside a deep announcer voice declaring, “From the pen of Twitter-obsessed author Bret Easton Ellis” and “directed by the never-nominated director Paul Schrader,” the clip seems designed to let viewers know they anticipate what your reaction will be to this movie — and that they’re in on the joke.

Elsewhere in the over-the-top homage to a different era doubling as a promo for the Kickstarter-funded project, Lohan’s character says “I guess I’d like to keep some parts of my life private.” Even better, her romantic co-star James Deen is announced as “a potent new screen presence” (Deen previously worked in porn).

Intrigued by the movie that’s apparently “a contemporary L.A. noir”? Watch below:

The Canyons does not yet have a release date (and if the end of the trailer is to be believed, may not be hitting theaters at all).

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