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'Twilight' memories: 'New Moon' rising


(Kimberley French)

With The Twilight Saga coming to an end, we’re reliving our favorite memories from the first four films. New Moon is up!

How many times I saw it in theaters: 2

Surprisingly, a dude I liked wanted to go – so we went the first Sunday it was out.  I saw it the next week with a few girlfriends and one unfortunate guy who happened to be staying with me.

How many times I’ve seen it since: 1

My obsession from the first film wore off by this time. But after re-watching it recently, I realized I liked it better than I remembered.

Favorite theater memory: Booing when Jacob almost kissed Bella.

The catch is – it was me. (See below.)

Favorite scene: Edward and Bella’s Italy kiss 

Are we sensing a theme here?

Least favorite scene: Jacob and Bella almost kiss in her truck

Seriously, I don’t like Jacob. (But Taylor Lautner is just fine – I do realize the distinction.)

Where it ranks on my Twilight movie scale: #3

What are your memories?

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