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'The Expendables 2' exclusive video! Stallone talks about 'experimental' first movie, Lundgren talks 'Dirty Dozen'

Dolph Lundgren

“The first film was kind of confusing, in the sense that you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, or it’s a feathered fish.” That’s Sylvester Stallone talking about 2010’s The Expendables, which he directed and co-wrote, and which features a weird mixture of fraternal backslapping, Tears of the Sun-style heroism, and the curious fact that Dolph Lundgren seems to magically come back to life just in time for the final scene. Stallone thinks that Expendables 2 got it right, as he explains in an exclusive video obtained for the sequel’s DVD release. The video also features humanity-proof-of-concept Dolph Lundgren talking about how the films compare to The Dirty Dozen, and Randy Couture genially explaining why people loved the movies’ locker-room talk. Watch below!

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