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November 20, 2012 AT 03:06 PM EST

Hello from Texas!

That’s right, friends, I’m home for the holidays, and getting here was quite the event. (No wi-fi + planes + trains + automobiles = stress) So I hope you can forgive me for being a day later than normal with your scoop. If you can find it in your heart to pardon me, I invite you to gather ’round the Spoiler Room table for a delicious helping of TV dish!

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with lots of joy, DVR clearing, and gluten-free pies. And should you find the time/need something to do while hiding from your family, I invite you to send in a question for the next column, which will come out Dec. 3. (Yay, vacation!) Contact info is as usual: and @EWSandraG on Twitter.


If you read my chat with Grey’s Anatomy‘s Chandra Wilson last week, then you know that Bailey will spend the next episodes “kicking and screaming” her way to the altar. But one thing Wilson thinks might help Bailey get into the groove a bit more? If Ben put a ring on it!

“My finger is light, that’s all I’m saying. It’s very, very light,” she says, laughing. “And he used to be an anesthesiologist. You’d think there would be some sort of bling involved. But her finger is rather light — at least for 2012. So we’ll see what happens going forward.” But regardless of Bailey’s left hand gets a little heavier, Wilson says Bailey is committed. “She’s going to see [it] through,” she says. “You can’t tell somebody you’re going to marry them and then play around.”

And while Bailey and Ben could have many happy years ahead of them, as always, questions are starting to arise about Grey‘s future. Now midway though its ninth season, Wilson says she is anything but tired. And while there won’t be official word about a tenth season for several months, she says she’s personally on board. “I think the consensus is that as long as our writers want to keep writing, we’re here to keep riding the ride,” she says. “As actors, we’re very cognizant of the opportunities we’ve been given. Sooner or later it will be the end.”


As promised by your Grimm recapper Emily Rome, I’ve got some fun dish on the rest of the season for all you Grimmsters! (And if you missed the episode, catch up here.)

1. We will see a confrontation between Nick and Renard very soon.

My reaction to the final kiss? “WHOA!” And while one segment of the fans probably cheered in delight, I know a few Nick fans who can’t wait to see this blow up. Thankfully, the first episode back will deliver, says David Giuntoli. “You don’t have to wait that long,” he says.

2. More fun with Monroe, Nick, Hank and Rosalee

Monroe’s got a new roomie, and according to Giuntoli, it will open the door to more of the dynamic that fans love so much. “Monroe and I are pretty tight as is,” he says. “I think the Rosalee-Hank-Monroe-Nick dynamic is kind of fun. We all have dinner together now, and I think there’s some fun growth in that entire group kind of dynamic.”

3. When will Mama Burkhardt return?

If you’re thinking the writers are saving the return of Nick’s mom for something big, you’re probably right. “I’ve only read up to 15, and we’ve alluded to certain things,” reports Giuntoli. “But I don’t know when. I think she will [return].”

4. What will change Grimm ‘forever’?

“I will say major events happen between the captain and Nick Burkhardt that will change Grimm forever,” teases Giuntoli. “I’ll just say this — whatever Nick knows, Hank will know pretty soon afterward.” Guesses? Hit the comments.


Emma and Mary Margaret are coming back! But as Jennifer Morrison teases, everyone stuck in “post-apocalyptic fairytale land” is in for “quite a journey” as David and Henry attempt to bring back the mother-daughter duo. The big issue? How to accomplish selective return! “They’re trying to keep [Cora and Capt. Hook] out,” says Morrison. “It’s like, ‘How do we bring back Emma and Margaret and keep out the other ones?'”

Possibly related? Morrison reports “there will be a pretty major cliffhanger” at the end of episode nine. But before you connect the two, it seems the core four aren’t the only ones with major issues to contend with as season 2 continues.  “What I can tell you is that there are some pretty big, explosive things coming for Archie, for sure,” Raphael Sbarge says. “It’s pretty dramatic — that’s what I’ll say. As far as where it goes from there, I believe the Once Upon a Time scripts and the nuclear launch codes are essentially kept in the same location.”

But one thing we won’t be seeing any time soon is the psychologist giving his take on Henry’s strange, fire-filled dreams. (Seems like a natural fit, don’t you think?) “I don’t have that on my radar yet,” he says “I agree with you that there’s an opportunity there, but we haven’t gotten there yet. With the curse sort of going sideways, I think there’s ample job security for Archie. Everyone’s falling apart!”

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