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Hillary Busis
November 21, 2012 AT 05:30 AM EST

As Americans prepare for their Thanksgiving feasts and Canadians prepare for whatever they do in mid-November, the kids of Degrassi Community School are preparing for spring break. Thanks to the magic of television scheduling, Degrassi‘s 12th season concluded tonight by portraying events that occurred in the first half of 2012. (And technically, if the show hadn’t quietly skipped ahead by two years in season 10, it’d actually be depicting events from the spring of 2010 — but who’s counting?)

Despite the slightly jarring time stuff, this finale was a fun, zippy two-parter that wrapped up several storylines while leaving others tantalizingly open. As per usual, the Adam plot — which saw Whisper Hug’s bassist embarking on a new relationship with an Amy Winehouse-coiffed hottie, getting betrayed by said hottie, then rekindling his romance with uber-Christian Becky Baker — was the show’s strongest. At first, New Girl Missy seems seriously cool; she’s not phased even after a cucumber falls out of Adam’s pants mid-makeout session, completely spoiling the mood.

A fairy tale romance? Maybe — except that Adam’s ex, Becky Baker, has popped into his life again. First, she sends him an email that he deletes on principle — but not before those with freeze-frame capabilities can read what it says:


Since you won’t talk to me… I’ll write you this email. Please read it. I don’t know how to say it any clearer than this. Therapy isn’t working. Every time I go to reparative therapy, it only reinforces how much I love you. I sit there, listening to everybody else talk about how they’re “broken” and need to be “fixed,” and I can’t help but think about how much I miss you. I know it might be too late, and that makes my heart sad. I hope you can forgive me for the awful things I’ve done to you. Give me the opportunity to prove that my feelings are genuine. Please.

– Becky

Then the girl in question pops up once more, telling Adam face to face what she said in her email. Adam tries to ignore Becky — but this time, her words get to him. Even so, he rejects Becky again when she says she still can’t tell her parents about their relationship. Then Adam makes a heartbreaking discovery: Missy was just pretending to like him in order to get intel on Whisper Hug’s plans for a climactic Battle of the Bands (judged by special guest Chaz Bono, who is apparently Adam’s idol). Degrassi’s band manages to eek out a third place finish anyway, thanks to Maya’s vocals on an original song — although Adam is disqualified for punching one of Missy’s bandmates in the face. Still, all’s well that ends well; as the episode concludes, Adam and Becky are back together, her family be damned. Hooray!

Meanwhile, there’s another installment of everyone’s favorite soap opera, As Grade Nine Turns; Zig wants to dump Tori for Maya. Maya wants to keep dating Cam. Cam stops talking to Maya when he finds out she kissed (kizzed?) Zig. Tori does the same when she overhears Maya and Zig discussing their kiss. In the end, Maya and Cam get back together — but I’ll bet this love square is far from resolved.

After a spring break special that will feature Drew and Bianca’s nuptials — provided they do end up getting married — Degrassi will be on hiatus until 2013. So let’s discuss season 12 as a whole: Have the new cast members breathed new life into the series? Which storylines hit (Adam!) and which missed (“Mo has a drug problem)? And finally, what was your favorite part of the finale: Missy imploring Adam to call her, maybe? Cam’s eyebrows trying to learn French? That genuinely poignant scene of Adam trying to ape a man’s body language while waiting for his date? Whisper Hug’s triumphant BOB performance? Or its sweet ending, a party that may turn out to be the calm before the storm?

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