Ray Rahman
November 26, 2012 AT 06:23 PM EST

As we noted in our Christmas in October roundup, the Muppets helped Cee Lo Green’s intergalactically groovy Magic Moment album earn an impressive rating of 3 1/2 trees. Now their collaboration, titled “All I Need Is Love,” has a fancy music video with fun guests of its own.

In the festive new clip, Cee Lo rings his ol’ play’s Kermit’s doorbell after his Rolls Royce convertible breaks down during his drive to Hotlanta. (Bear with us.) Kerm invites him in, where they and the rest of the gang enjoy an evening full singing, mistletoe kissing, and gift opening. And lo, who should show up but Santa himself, played here by The Office‘s Craig Robinson. This leads Walter, the new Muppet from the movie, to say, “So Santa’s my homie!”

Watch the action yourself in the video below, and be sure to stick around to the end for one of Statler and Waldorf’s classic quips:


If you want to see even more of this zaniness, keep in mind that Kermit will be performing with Cee Lo on The Voice tomorrow night.

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