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Bronwyn Barnes
November 29, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EST

Sheldon has his T-shirts, Howard his belt buckles, Leonard his hoodie, and Raj his collection of tacky knit sweaters, but costume designer Mary T. Quigley says she puts just as much thought into what the clothes say about the leading ladies of The Big Bang Theory.

Quigley gave us the inside scoop on the signature styles of Penny, Amy and Bernadette when she took EW’s own Adam B. Vary on a guided tour of the Big Bang wardrobe closet.

For example, while Amy Farrah Fowler has experimented with high heels and red nail polish, we shouldn’t expect to see her get a full-blown image makeover any time soon. Her approach to fashion is “very similar to Sheldon, about function and form,” Quigley says. “I also have linked the connection to her mother… [Amy’s] been trained to dress a certain way that’s acceptable.”

How has Leonard had a positive effect on Penny’s closet? And why does Bernadette’s look prove that she’s a lot like Wolowitz’s mother?

Watch the video below to find out.

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