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Gift of the Day: Hobbit-inspired furry feet slippers

Hobbit Slippers

Not sure what to get the pop culture geek in your life this holiday season? PopStyle is here to help! From the hottest gadgets to the oddest collectibles, we’re rounding up the best gifts in movies, music, TV and books with our Gift of the Day.

Once winter rolls in, making the trek across a cold floor from the bedroom to the bathroom can feel like an epic journey. 

The release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is still 12 days away, but movie merchandising efforts are already in full swing. Falling somewhere between the Denny’s Middle-earth-themed menu and the custom backyard Hobbit Hole are these plush Furry Adventure slippers ($19.99 at

Though they’re not billed as official Hobbit swag, those giant toes and thick tufts of hair are the unmistakable hallmarks of Halfling feet.

Tell us: What’s on your holiday wish list?

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