Hillary Busis
December 03, 2012 AT 04:48 PM EST

Some people are born with a beautiful singing voice. Others have innate athletic talent. And then there are the lucky few who are naturally gifted face-pullers and eye-rollers.

Clearly, Tina Fey’s oldest kid inherited the smartass gene. Remember that cutaway gag from last week’s 30 Rock that featured a little Liz Lemon pulling a Grace Van Cutsem at a wedding? Turns out Young Liz was actually played by Alice Richmond, Fey’s 7-year-old daughter with husband Jeff Richmond. Just look at that sneer! Girl’s definitely got a future in comedy.

Though this was the first time Alice literally appeared on her mom’s show, it isn’t the first time she’s influenced the series. In 2009, Fey thanked Alice during her SAG acceptance speech, calling the kid the “funniest person in my family”– and revealing that Alice was the one who coined the 30 Rock catchphrase “I want to go to there.” Your move, Penelope.

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