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Obama and outspoken Romney supporter Kid Rock meet up, Rock says 'no hard feelings'

Kid Rock

That Kid Rock, he’s a pretty laid-back dude.

The Romney-supporting Rebel Soul musician ran into President Barack Obama at last night’s Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., where he says the two were able to put their campaign differences behind them and have a good time together.

“It was nice,” Rock told CNN. “I saw the president tonight. He said, ‘I’m still here.’ I said, ‘No hard feelings.’”

Throughout the presidential race, Obama’s Republican rival Mitt Romney used Rock’ s “Born Free” as his campaign theme song, which Rock says he “felt great” about. But now he’s ready to move on.

“You cross your fingers, you try to move forward, you hope for the best,” he said. “You respect the office of the president of the United States, and the great thing is in four years, we get to choose again.”

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