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Nakisha Williams
December 04, 2012 AT 07:37 PM EST

FLASHBACK: Remember when Robin couldn’t dress to save her life?

You might have noticed that the Canadian-pop-star-turned-journalist has stepped up her style lately, now HIMYM costume designer Reiko Kurumada tells EW that the whole gang will be dressing better this season.

Kurumada, who has been part of the wardrobe team since the series pilot, formally stepped into the head role last fall. Since taking the reins, she’s been helping Robin, Ted, Marshall, Lily and yes, even Barney, update their looks.

“In the previous years our show looked like it took place in L.A. when it’s actually New York. East Cost style compared to West Coast style is very different,” Kurumada said. “We’ve taken away a lot of patterned clothing and we’re [dressing the characters] to highlight seasonal changes. [We] want to make the show fashion forward while at the same time sticking with classic, elegant, styles and lines. That was something that was missing in previous seasons.”

Click through the gallery to find out how Kurumada has tweaked each character’s wardrobe. SEE PHOTOS

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