Clark Collis
December 07, 2012 AT 04:00 PM EST

As regular EW readers know, Robert Kirkman is both an executive producer on the Walking Dead TV show and the creator-writer of the long-running comic upon which it is based. But Kirkman doesn’t just enjoy dramatically tormenting characters in the zombie apocalypse. Oh, no! He also gets a kick out of doing so in an array of other titles, including Thief of Thieves — on which Kirkman collaborates with a string of other scribes — and the almost-as-long-running-as-the-Walking Dead superhero saga Invincible, which he cocreated with artist Cory Walker and whose hundredth issue is being published by Kirkman’s Skybound imprint Jan. 23, 2013. And to celebrate that latter landmark Kirkman has recruited regular Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard to create an alternate cover (Ryan Ottley is now the title’s main artist). “Charlie Adlard and I have been working together on the Walking Dead for near a decade at this point and he still manages to surprise me,” says Kirkman. “I don’t think Charlie’s drawn a superhero in a while, so seeing his take on Invincible was a lot of fun.”

You can check out Adlard’s variant artwork — which was colored by John Rauch — above and in larger form below.

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