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'The Amazing Race' finale review: When the wrong team wins

Amazing Race Finale


Quick reaction to the season finale of The Amazing Race on Sunday night: Dang!


I wanted Jaymes and James to win; I wanted them to win because they were funny, strong, earnest, tough, and sweet. Those Chippendale boys had spunk.

I fervently hoped that Josh and Brent would not win. Mediocre competitors throughout, smug whenever they weren’t whining, I was heartily sick of hearing about their goat farm (I’ve never watched their show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and their constant prattling about it on TAR made me certain I don’t want to catch up with it now). I would have been fine with Lexi and Trey winning; they were a doughty pair.

But this is one measure of a good reality/competition show: You get drawn in to the personalities of the contestants, you pick favorites and root hard for them. Yes, I know the producers played too much footage of Jaymes telling us of his father’s cancer (I choose to think this was an editing choice made to enhance drama where, after the first few mentions, it wasn’t needed).

But gosh darn it, Jaymes and James were, after twins Natalie and Nadiya, the hardest-working team in this edition of the game. And the Chippendales were the most entertaining of any team this season, the pluckiest and most charming. When the “wrong” team wins – that is, a team you not only weren’t rooting for, but were rooting against (come on – Josh and Brent could barely read a map in most cities), it adds an enjoyable element of outrage.

Sure, it’s just a silly, million-dollar game. But, man, I wish those two Las Vegas boys had won.

Don’t you?

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