Miley Cyrus shocks in S&M-themed getup, performs with stripper |

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Miley Cyrus can't be tamed, dances with a stripper

Miley Cyrus

(Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

They grow up so fast.

Miley Cyrus got the best of both worlds this weekend, World No. 1 being “a dubstep concert” and World No. 2 being “a strip club.” The 20-year-old former Hannah Montana star performed onstage for the first time in awhile Saturday night, strutting her stuff in a Rihanna-worthy getup that featured over-the-knee python boots, a breast-baring top, and an S&M-style chain that linked her silver belt to her silver necklace.

Her hair is even shorter and buzzed on the sides now, and an exotic dancer clad only in a thong and pasties writhed on a pole as Cyrus sang. Somewhere, Angus T. Jones is clutching his pearls.

Cyrus’s fourth studio album will drop in 2013. May Mickey have mercy on us all.

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