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'Modern Seinfeld' Twitter account imagines Jerry and co. in the digital age

It’s a show about nothing… and the Internet!

Our new favorite Twitter feed is Modern Seinfeld, an account that posts loglines for imaginary, 21st century-appropriate episodes of the classic Must-See TV sitcom. The joke works because it’s not just a matter of name-dropping Reddit and Grindr – whoever runs this feed clearly knows a lot about the show, and uses that knowledge to perfectly match each of Seinfeld’s core four with the modern phenomena that would fascinate and vex them. (Of course George would go nuts “trying to decipher the fact that a pretty woman ‘liked’ his Facebook status.”) Take note, budding young Larry Davids: This is what your pilot should look like.

Though it first tweeted only about 19 hours ago, Modern Seinfeld has already racked up over 13,000 followers as of this post’s publication. Here are a few of the feed’s best tweets:

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