Darren Franich
December 11, 2012 AT 05:03 PM EST

Like a good midseason finale, the final pre-hiatus episode of The Walking Dead threw several balls into the air and just left them hanging, leaving you to writhe in anguish for a few months. Would the reunited Dixon brothers fight their way out of Woodbury? Could the Grimes Gang turn their prison home into a fortress, to hold off the Governor’s army? And seriously, what’s up with Milton? Well, AMC has just released three videos which offer tantalizing glimpses of the new season. First up: The cast talks about what’s in store for their characters in the season’s final eight episodes. Key revelations: The Governor “literally doesn’t care anymore,” Glenn is in a vengeful mood, and everyone has British accents in real life.

Next up: A preview of the final eight episodes…including a surprising kiss from a surprising person. (Unless we’re reading too much into this.)

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