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Darren Franich
December 12, 2012 AT 03:41 PM EST

It’s unlikely that Top Gun 2 will come together now, in the wake of the tragic death of director Tony Scott. But Paramount has finalized plans to re-release the original 1986 Top Gun, with a 3-D transfer, on the biggest screen possible. Paramount announced in a press release that Top Gun will play in IMAX theaters for six days starting Feb. 8. The addition of 3-D promises to add incredible depth to the airborne jet scenes, while also adding important depth to the various pectorals in the volleyball scene.

After the short theatrical run, the film will hit Blu-Ray later in February in both 2-D and 3-D. Clearly, 3-D is the better option, so you can watch Slider stink in three dimensions instead of a measly two. Stupid Slider. Nobody likes you.

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