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Things you didn't know about Frank Ocean: He wants to write a novel, loves Norah Jones and Fleetwood Mac

Frank Ocean

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What do you do after you release an album that earns you six Grammy nominations, a top spot in virtually every critic’s year-end list, and unwavering fan support?

In an interview with the Guardian, Frank Ocean thought about what his options were now that he’s made his mark musically with Channel Orange. As he explained it, his chief passion is storytelling. “It’s the more interesting part about making music for me, or making albums and songs and stuff. So much so that I might not make another album. I might just write a novel next. I don’t know!”

Don’t interpret that as a hiatus from music, though. ”I don’t intend to stop making music,” Ocean assured. “This isn’t a faux retirement. It’s no bulls—. I was just making music yesterday. … But I do think it would be f—ing legendary if I just made Channel Orange last year, then put out a best-selling novel next year, then, you know, designed an arena in Stockholm in 2014!”

You’re on notice, Sweden. Ocean also offered his thoughts on the Grammys: “Of course awards matter. … The Grammys are like the championship, and that’s cool. It’s cool to be recognised by your peers … blah blah blah blah!”

And on his favorite records of the year: “. I thought Norah Jones made a really good record. I thought Kendrick Lamar made a cool record. I thought John Mayer made a really good record.”

And on Fleetwood Mac: “Speaking of new records, you know who needs to make a new album? I think Fleetwood Mac needs to make a new album. I think so. I think they do.”

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