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December 17, 2012 AT 09:15 PM EST

Happy Holidays, gang!

As we head into the greatest time of the year, I wish you nothing but goodness. May your stockings be full (of TV on DVD), your families be well (/less crazy than the Graysons), and your holidays be more magical than Storybrooke.

Enjoy your scoop and see you after the holidays! And, if you get a chance, hit up with all scoop inquiries.


I’ll be direct: How I Met Your Mother fans do not want to miss tonight’s episode. Why? Let’s dig into a three questions that will hopefully they will enlighten you. UPDATE: More here in our post-mortem with EP Craig Thomas.

What happens on HIMYM tonight? Does Barney propose to Patrice? I have to know! — Erin

There is a proposal. Patrice is definitely involved. And, oddly, so is Ted. You’ll see…

I LOVE Seth Green, and can’t wait to see him on HIMYM. Any idea if there will be a Buffy reference of any kind? — Laura

Not to my knowledge. But one think I will tell you about Green’s character, Creepy Daryl: He’s not only a weirdo. He’s also pretty freaking ***h!

ANYTHING you can tell me about HIMYM’s midseason finale episode? The teases are killing me! — Tonya

There’s a running theme in the first half that you’d never expect would fit in the HIMYM world: Silence of the Lambs! But it totally works. Now to unbury the lead: Someone gets fired! It may or may not stick.

BONUS: I’m a huge How I Met Your Mother fan so any scoop would be appreciated but I do have a specific question. CBS just announced that Ashley Benson will be appearing in the January 21st episode as someone with a connection to Barney. Since she’s probably a little young to be a date, even for him, the general consensus seems to be that she must be playing his half-sister. This kind of throws a wrench into a theory that lots of fans have held onto for a long time, myself included, which is that Ted meets his wife at Barney’s wedding because she’s Barney’s sister. But it seems unlikely that they’d introduce the mother now. So have you heard if Ashley Benson is Barney’s sister? — Jillian

I can say this (and you’ll get more info soon): Her appearance will have Ted asking himself an important question. #Imightbemisleading


On tomorrow night’s episode of NCIS, Tony DiNozzo, Sr. (Robert Wagner) decides he wants to spend the holidays with his loving son! Awwwww — or not.

As it turns out, Dad’s unplanned appearance — and his insistence on having an old-fashioned family Christmas — is not entirely welcome. In fact, the younger DiNozzo is downright hesitant to let his dad to waltz into his home and stage a Christmas takeover. “[Tony] really doesn’t really bring a lot of people home to his place,” previews executive producer Mark Horowitz. “In fact, what we discover is no one has actually visited his apartment. It’s sort of his private place, and he doesn’t quite know how to deal with it.”

As for the rest of the gang? “They are their own family and when you think about all of these characters, they are single — with the exception of Vance [and Palmer],” says Horowitz. “[They’re] unattached and during the holiday season — because they have no one to go home to — they tend to gravitate together. And so I think that there is a certain amount of nourishment they all obtain just from the fact that they are all in the same boat. I think has a very delightful ending that reflects that.”

Sounds warm and fuzzy, which is great, considering there are dark times ahead for one character in particular in 2013. [Cliffhanger noise here.]


Judging from the e-mail pile, I’m not the only one who was charmed by Bunheads, and after checking out the midseason premiere, I’m confident in saying the show is still in fine form. So what’s the second half of the season hold? Here are four teases:

+ Michelle (Sutton Foster) might be gone longer than you think. That is, if you thought the show was going to return and find her magically back in action, think again. In fact, the only magic going on in this episode, is onstage at Michelle’s new place of employment. Sound grim? It is!

+ New romance for Sasha. Remember Roman, the former jock-turned-punk? He’s back — and he’s got his eyes on Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles). “His storyline parallels to hers a little bit, where he’s a lost soul trying to figure out who he is, too,” Telles says. “They’re both kind of sarcastic, so they get along well.”

+ Sasha’s tough time. When the show returns, the young dancer has little interest in returning home. And as Telles previews, things will get worse before they get better. “We see that collapsing throughout the season,” she says. “She leans on her friends a little bit, but she really needs someone to guide her and that’s Michelle.”

+ Hubbell returns!! No this isn’t Bunheads of the Walking Dead. (Although, dibs!) But Michelle’s former hubby (Alan Ruck) does make an important appearance in the Jan. 7 episode.

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