Hillary Busis
December 19, 2012 AT 06:15 PM EST

Ever been creeped out by the lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”? (You know who else sees you when you’re sleeping? Murderers.) If so, you may enjoy this cut SNL bit — in which a shrunken Bobby Moynihan plays an Elf on the Shelf, the seasonal sprite who exists solely to tattle on kids so that they won’t get any Christmas presents. In the elf’s words: “I’m a little snitch, Seth, and I love it!”

The segment may not have been strong enough to make it past Saturday’s dress rehearsal — but the video is totally worth watching, if only for Moynihan’s joyous flailing and infectious “weeeee!!”s. Plus, he’ll probably get a cut of gummi worms for every view — and you wouldn’t want to deprive the guy of candy, would you?

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