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'Admission' trailer: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are more than acceptable -- VIDEO

Oh look, Hollywood put two people you like in the same movie! Admission stars Tina Fey as a Princeton admissions officer whose life is changed when an old classmate (Paul Rudd) contacts her – and tells her that one of his high school students (Nat Wolff) may be the son she gave up for adoption when she was in college. Way to give away the whole plot, trailer.

On paper, the story sounds sort of heavy – but the movie itself looks like pretty light fare, complete with a cow birthing and a trigger-happy Lily Tomlin as Portia’s mother. Liz Lemon’s settling soulmate Michael Sheen and Wallace “Inconceivable!” Shawn also play supporting roles.

Want to be admitted? You’ll have to hold your application – the movie won’t be released until March 8.

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