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Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crystal, and Jerry Seinfeld revive 'Who's on First?' -- VIDEO

How about that – the world hasn’t ended yet after all!

To celebrate, let’s gather ‘round our warm, comforting computer screens and watch a clip that evokes a simpler time – namely, this bit from last night’s Jimmy Fallon, in which Fallon enlists a few of his famous friends to help him perform Abbott and Costello’s classic play-on-words baseball bit “Who’s on First?” (The not-as-famous folk in the video are Fallon announcer Steve Higgins as Costello and Fallon head writer A.D. Miles as What.)

For comparison’s sake, here’s Abbott and Costello performing their routine:

Can the 21st century crew hold a candle to the original? I don’t know – THIRD BASE!

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