Sandra Gonzalez
January 02, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

One gun rights supporter who took issue with a recent celebrity-filled gun control PSA has posted a now-viral video response that puts the spotlight on what he calls a “hypocritical industry.”

Late last month, Mayors Against Illegal Guns posted a video PSA on YouTube that featured a host of famous faces — including Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Beyonce, Michelle Williams, and Amy Poehler —  calling for stricter gun control laws, and it has, to date, received over 6.3 million views. Just days ago, YouTube user “Mike Hunt,” who declined to provide his real name and claims not to have any affiliations, posted his own video — a parody of the original that was edited to include many of the same actors in fictional gun-filled situations.

“When I first saw the original video plastered on the front-page of Youtube I was immediately struck by the irony of their entire campaign,” he tells EW via email. “Here are a bunch of vapid Hollywood celebrities attempting to shame the public into submitting to more gun control. Their entire industry profits from a culture of violence and gun entertainment.”

He adds: “I was really surprised at the amount of positive responses and feedback the video has received. Hopefully a few of these ‘stars’ see it and maybe turn the microscope back on their hypocritical industry.”

The version above is a clean version of the video, titled “Demand A Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F–k Themselves.” The original video, which you can watch on YouTube, featured a song by Ramallah called “Kill a Celebrity” — and confused actor Max Greenfield with Zachary Quinto. However, demand for a clean, share-friendly video prompted Hunt to edit a more palatable version.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has not responded to EW’s request for comment.

The original PSA:

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