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The best and worst movie remakes: You voted, we say ...


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The new trailer for The Evil Dead – a remake of Sam Raimi’s camp classic – has us really excited for the release of the movie. (Check out Clark Collis’ deep dive here.) It also got us thinking – will the darker tone of the film distinguish it from its predecessor and earn it a spot on your list of best remakes? Or will it tank and end up on your list of worst remakes? We’ll have to wait until it hits theaters – but until then, here are the 20 movies you picked as the 10 best and 10 worst remakes of all time.

The Top 10 Best Remakes


BEST: The Fly (1986)
Original: The Fly (1958)
Your rank: #10 (3.1% of vote)
We say: Director David Cronenberg located the terror and real tragedy in the schlocky B-movie tale of a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) who mutates into an insect after a disastrous experiment. The special effects still have the potential to gross out, if not terrify, but the line ”Be afraid…be very afraid” is delightfully timeless.

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