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Jeanine Mason dances her way into our hearts again on 'Bunheads' -- EXCLUSIVE


(Adam Taylor/ABC Family)

Break out your leotards and snappiest pop culture references – the Bunheads are back. And this time, they’ll be joined by a certain So You Think You Can Dance winner.

Last night, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s dramedy returned for a second run of episodes on ABC Family. (Technically, this is the second half of the show’s first season.) And on Jan. 14, Jeanine Mason officially joins the cast as Cosette, the new girl in Paradise. Like her Les Mis namesake, Mason’s character is practically perfect in every way – she speaks four languages, she’s immediately popular, and most importantly, she really knows her way around a dance studio. Something tells us snooty Sasha might not be Cosette’s biggest fan.

Here’s an exclusive first look at Mason’s moves, which give ballet a cool contemporary flavor:

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