Critic asks Zooey Deschanel to explain her name |

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Critic asks Zooey Deschanel to explain her name


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Something about Zooey Deschanel throws off TV critics. At last year’s press tour panel for her Fox hit New Girl, a reporter wanted to know when did she realize that she’s “adorable.”

This time at the semi-annual event, she was asked to explain her name. That was the question – can she “explain her name.” Like it’s a riddle. Or a trick she’s pulling.

“My name?” the actress replied, confused. “My first name or my last name?”

Critic: “Both.”

“My name on the show?”

The critic explained (… sort of … not really):

“Zooey. Zooey Deschanel.”

“I was named after [the J.D. Salinger novel] Franny and Zooey,” she said. “My last name is French.”

And her last name is French.

With that finally settled, her fellow panelists and other reporters applauded.