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Mandi Bierly
January 09, 2013 AT 06:25 PM EST

Photos have surfaced of The Vampire Diaries‘ Jan. 17 return, including this one of fledgling vampire hunter Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen, pictured) continuing to train with Damon in white tank tops. It’s a small victory, but sometimes those are the best — when what you want to happen on a TV show totally happens.

As we dive into the Winter TV season, what small wishes of yours have already been granted (the Revenge red “x” marker is back, last night’s New Girl seeming to acknowledge how white the show is), and what pleas are you hoping the TV gods hear (can Winona return to Justified just long enough to give Raylan a sexually charged home haircut?).


UPDATE: Here’s one from my colleague Annie Barrett:

Well this is terribly lame, but after Randy Jackson wore that absurd beaded Betty Boop pin, he continued to wear OTHER BEADED PINS throughout Idol season 11.

My hope for Idol season 12 is that Ryan Seacrest’s live show pocket squares will run through the whole gamut of the Crayola “Bolder” palette, in rainbow order.

Dream small.

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