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Kyle Anderson
January 10, 2013 AT 11:00 PM EST

A lot of stars say they’ll commit themselves to their children only to use them as career-extending props and fodder for insane stories about secret rooms in basketball arenas. But Adele has really put her money where her mouth is: Since the birth of her first child, she has kept a remarkably low-profile, especially for somebody who was the biggest-selling artist in America for two years running.

But she’ll be dusting off her work shoes on Sunday when she attends this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, where she’ll cross her fingers in hopes that “Skyfall” wins the hardware. And she’ll have at least one more red carpet to walk in the coming months, as “Skyfall” was also nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Original Song category this morning. (Adele is also nominated for a Grammy, though it’s unclear whether she’ll be attending that particular show.)

“Skyfall” was the only new music Adele released in 2012. Produced by longtime Adele collaborator Paul Epworth, it apparently didn’t take very much time at all to create. It was a massive international hit, though it only managed to peak at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 (mostly based on a huge initial surge of digital sales) before tumbling from the upper reaches of that chart. Despite Adele’s continued popularity and a dearth of new material, “Skyfall” didn’t receive nearly as much radio airplay as some of her other singles.

Still, it’ll be good to see Ms. Adkins back in the saddle this Sunday at the Golden Globes. She hasn’t had a high-profile performance since her run of TV appearances following throat surgery (which included her stunning turn at the Grammys), and it’ll be a nice reminder that she’s still got it. In the meantime, she should start working on television and theater pieces, because if she wins an Oscar, she’ll already be halfway to an EGOT.

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