James Hibberd
January 13, 2013 AT 04:37 PM EST

Moriarty is still coming to CBS’ Elementary, and he’s bringing along him a slight format tweak: More serialized episodes.

Expect Sherlock’s arch nemesis to join freshman Thursday drama a bit further down the road this season, executive producer Rob Doherty says. “I foresee us getting a bit more serialized as we get into an end run this first season,” he says. “We’ll still look to have a case that begins and ends over the course of a single hour of television. But you want to dollop Moriarty out appropriately. And we have a strong sense of what we want to do. But, yes, as we get closer and closer to wrapping the season there will be a bit more serialization.”

The producer he would also like to preserve the professor’s reveal as a surprise for the audience, though he noted its tough to keep a major character joining a TV show quiet nowadays (sorry Rob). Needless to say, he wants “a tremendous actor” for the role.

Doherty said the show is currently working on an episode introducing Sherlock’s dealer from London (played by John Hannah, and viewers will meet another person from Sherlock’s days in England who’ll shed more light on the consulting detective’s past.

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