Hillary Busis
January 14, 2013 AT 02:30 PM EST

After a bone marrow transplant, months of recovery, and one huge makeover — she’s really pulling off the “no hair” look — Robin Roberts is almost ready to return to Good Morning America‘s live broadcasts.

Roberts, who left the show in August to seek treatment for a rare blood disorder, revealed today on GMA that her latest bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. In light of this news, she has been cleared to “begin the process of returning to the anchor chair.” In other words, said Roberts: “I’m coming home.”

Roberts will head back to the GMA set for a “dry run” next week. “I’ll get up, go to the studio. I’ll have makeup and hair,” the anchor explained from her New York City apartment. “Well, makeup. We’ll talk about the hair later.”

The off-air dry run will help Roberts and her doctors determine how her newly sensitive skin will react to the studio lights, as well as whether it’s safe for Roberts to be out and about during flu season.

If the dry run is successful, says Roberts, “my doctors will sit down with me again and we’ll evaluate where I am. We’re talking now weeks, not months. I should be back sometime in February.”

Roberts did not give a specific date, though she did say she has one in mind “that’s very personal and important to me — but I will ultimately listen to what my doctors say.” Watch the announcement below:

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