Lady Gaga wears gun bra in concert -- PHOTO |

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Lady Gaga wears gun bra in concert -- PHOTO

Gaga Machine Gun

(R Chiang/Splash News)

Lady Gaga’s choice of wardrobe is causing a stir – again.

The singer wore a top with guns coming out of her chest in concert last Friday. Gaga has done it before (most famously on the cover of Rolling Stone), but this is the first time she’s donned that look after the Newtown tragedy last month. (EW reached out to her rep, who did not return a request for comment.)

As EW previously reported, Sharon Osbourne – midway through a feud with Gaga regarding her daughter Kelly and bullying – asked on The Talk for Gaga to make different wardrobe choices. “Don’t wear guns, don’t allow your fans to use the word “guns” on your website, on your Twitter,” Osbourne said yesterday. “Don’t do it. Have it stopped. One word from her, they will stop.”

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