Erin Strecker
January 17, 2013 AT 06:53 PM EST

Next Monday, we’ll meet a new character on Deception, played by John Larroquette. In the third episode of the nighttime soap, Joanna (Meagan Good) is still investigating the mysterious death of her childhood best friend, Vivian Bowers. But the Bowers family’s respective stories keep getting more and more tangled. Last week, suspicion turned to Vivian’s creepy older brother, Edward (Tate Donovan).

In the clip below, Joanna and Vivian’s other brother Julian (Wes Brown) are at a convention in the Bahamas where Julian is introducing Bowers Pharmaceuticals new cancer drug, Lyritrol…and then runs into a shady-seeming Sen. Dwight Haverstock (Larroquette), whom Joanna has some questions about. Watch below:

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