Erin Strecker
January 17, 2013 AT 05:59 PM EST

In the wake of President Obama’s new gun law proposals, the NRA yesterday released two videos that accused the President and NBC News’ David Gregory of being “hypocrites” because the schools their children attend have Secret Service protection (a.k.a “armed guards”), while the President was advocating for schools without armed guards. It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to mock the NRA’s argument — and today Funny or Die took the joke one step further in a new spoof ad.

The clip mocks the over-the-top outrage from some in the NRA, asking, in response to the “Obama kids” argument, “Is it because the security needs between the President’s family and your family are different and comparisons are irrelevant?” before ending the ad with a NRA: Live in Fear slogan. Watch below:

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