Annie Barrett
January 24, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

It’s hard to pick a winner here — both grown women reached such stunning levels of immaturity throughout tonight’s Baton Rouge auditions episode. I’m going with Mariah, for at least having the decency to direct her shade at her target of loathing with a tremendous side-eye, while Nicki opted to draw the contestant into her ongoing epic battle to take down one of the top-selling female artists in history. Subtlety is everything.

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Yeah, yeah, I’m making it all about the judges. I’m the worst!

Stay tuned for my full recap later on, but what’d you think of the contestants we saw move on from the bayou? My favorites were socially awkward lovebug Charlie Askew, board shorts enthusiast Burnell Taylor, and Maddie Assel’s wackaloon grandma, who reminded us all that it’s never too late — or early! — to celebrate Mardi Gras.

And that’s how we lost Seacrest.

Discuss, and check back in later! Update: Baton Rouge auditions recap

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