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'Movie 43' premiere portraits -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

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(Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Relativity Media)

Movie 43 – the anything goes, R-rated romp that features your favorite A-listers doing unspeakable things to and with each other – had its premiere last night. The movie, a series of shorts directed by 12 different directors headed up by Peter Farrelly, is in theaters Friday.

“This thing started 10 years ago with Charlie Wessler,” Farrelly previously told EW. “He wanted to do a Kentucky Fried Movie-type movie but he wanted all different writers, all different directors for every scene, and all different actors. He also had the foresight to realize that things have changed since Kentucky Fried Movie and attention spans have diminished greatly, so he knew we’d have to have some kind of wrap-around holding those shorts together.”

Check out exclusive pictures from the premiere below – and never look at a turkey baster (or Chelsea Handler) the same way again.

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