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Mandi Bierly
January 24, 2013 AT 10:04 PM EST

On tonight’s Vampire Diaries episode (The CW, 8 p.m.), Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) and Mayor Hopkins (Rick Worthy) won’t be the only ones questioning Shane (guest star David Alpay). Bonnie (Kat Graham) will have some of her own. “This is an important episode that I don’t think people should miss. After this episode, the sh–‘s gonna start to hit the fan,” she says. “Everything that you guys know about Shane, Bonnie’s gonna find out eventually. It’s going to affect how she feels about him. It’s gonna have her change her perspective in either a really positive way, so she’ll have compassion for Shane and think he’s doing the right thing, or she’s gonna think he’s nuts and try to get away from him.”

After last week’s episode, when Shane stood close to Bonnie and told her she was the key to everything and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, we had to wonder if there’s sexual tension surfacing between the two. Graham prefers to let viewers feel what they want to feel, but she does say, “I always felt, even before they introduced Shane to the series, intrigued by the idea of a teacher-student mentor relationship being more than just, ‘Oh, I’m learning from you,’ and it’s innocent. I think the reason that The Vampire Diaries has such a cool vibe to it is because there are so many things that aren’t spoken that you can feel and you can see in all of these moments with all of these characters. So I can’t say whether it’s intentional or not. I would rather let the audience discover any sort of intimacy, or anger, or trust, or vulnerability for themselves watching it. I don’t want to define it.”

I think we all sensed that Jeremy still has feelings for Bonnie when they discovered he could curb his desires to kill Elena by thinking of his ex. “People have asked me about things resurfacing and coming back, but what’s so funny is that when I watch episodes and read scripts, it doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily gone anywhere for the both of them. It’s maybe been put to the side for a second, but I think Bonnie will always have this deep love for Jeremy and he’ll always have this deep love for her,” Graham says. “They might not be making out or having these intimate physical scenes, but I think that it’s just this heavy love that infiltrates all their decision-making. It’s that kind of love where you know you’re probably supposed to be going this way, but because you love this person, you wind up taking that quick turn. You’re gonna see a lot of things coming up that will show that — that because of Jeremy’s relationship with Bonnie and Bonnie’s relationship with Jeremy, because of the love that they have, decisions that should have easy answers won’t anymore.”

Bonus scoop! Graham has a new music video out for her dance single “Wanna Say.” We asked about the lace eyebrows: “I’ve always been a fan of those. I have all these high fashion tear-our sheets, and I remember seeing this one that was nothing but lace eyebrows, and the idea of fashion actually being embedded into your skin, I think it’s just kind of a nod to how much fashion can be a part of you, literally,” she says. Watch the video below.

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