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Geoff Boucher
January 25, 2013 AT 08:05 PM EST

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In May 2003, a new name in magical adventure arrived on the young-reader bookshelf: The Spiderwick Chronicles, which gave us the tale of the brave Grace brood (twins Simon and Jared, along with their big sister, Mallory), their missing father and a coveted one-of-a-kind tome that reveals the secret magic all around us. More books followed, as did a feature film adpatation and video game, both released in February 2008. The tenth anniversary of Spiderwick release is being marked by Simon and Schuster’s reissues of the books with new covers by Tony DiTerlizzi. We’ve got the first look at those covers below and a quick Q&A with Terlizzi, whose work also includes The Search for WondLa and The Spider and the Fly.

ENTERTAINTMENT WEEKLY: Go back to the beginning, how did you conjure up the ideas for Spiderwick?

TONY DITERLIZZI: Back in 2003, Holly Black and I created a series of children’s chapter books that revolved around three siblings who have adventures in the fantastical world of fairy. The impetus for these stories was a project I had been developing off and on for nearly a decade: a field guide (in the vein of John-James Audubon’s work) that cataloged dragons, trolls and goblins. The result was The Spiderwick Chronicles

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