Amanda Taylor
January 30, 2013 AT 08:54 PM EST

Actress Emma Fitzpatrick stars in a brilliant parody of Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed A Dream”, called “For Your Consideration,” which reminds people just how hard Hathaway worked in Les Miserables.

Here are some of our favorite lines {enhanced by the drama of the close-up, in homage to the film}:

“I let them give me this new haircut, and I lost half my body weight – but then they never did a wide shot.”

“And I coughed, and wheezed and cried in every scene until I died.”

“And though I had to blow my nose, I did it all in one take, b—hes.”

Fitzpatrick has a fairly impressive voice, and her over-blushed cheeks are a good addition – since she’s supposed to look so pathetic and unkempt. And the best touch? “Don’t forget Anne with an E.”

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