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Samantha Highfill
January 30, 2013 AT 11:09 AM EST

Tears, overprotective (and slightly sketchy) parents, the return of Detective Wilden and more tears made up the formula for Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 17.

The episode, which kicked off with a very dark dream, turned into an ever darker reality when Spencer had to face the world knowing that the man she loves is a member of the “A” team. From storming out of class to accidentally telling Ezra that he has a kid, Spencer’s day was full of surprises. But after having enough of the “A” team’s games, she took things into her own hands by putting on some mascara and meeting with a private investigator, who will hopefully find out the purpose of the key that Toby dropped when traumatizing Hanna in last week’s mannequin debacle.

But let’s not skip over the big news in that paragraph: Spencer told Ezra that he has a son! Yes, she was manipulated by the “A” team (Could Toby have sent that text?!), and we know that she’s not incredibly focused right now, but really Spence? You had to have seen that coming! But regardless, Ezra knows the truth, and after yelling at Aria for not being the one person he can trust, he decided to forgive her. At least that’s what he said before he started crying, kissed Aria on the head, said they’d talk soon and drove away to visit his son. Did Ezra just say goodbye to Aria for good? Will he meet his son and never come back to Rosewood? After all, two suitcases are enough to hold every piece of clothing Fitz owns, we’re sure of it.

While Spencer and Aria dealt with their boyfriend drama, Emily and Hanna were busy playing detective … one more successfully than the other. Hanna wasted her day chasing Paige to a gay bar, where Paige met up with Shana from the costume shop. How do they know each other?! But other than watching Paige get her flirt on, all Hanna did at the gay bar was dance with a stranger, get a drink thrown on her and then get arrested. However, Emily has clearly been working on her detective skills. After receiving a box full of things Emily gave to Ali from Lyndon/Nate’s parents (don’t ask), Emily found a conversation between Ali and CeCe in one of her notebooks. Apparently the two were talking about some “beach hottie” who Ali was scared of. Cue the flashbacks!

In flashback number one, we learn that Ali visited a very gangsta (do-rag, anyone?) Toby in juvi to accuse him of being “A.” And even though he said that the Liars deserved what they had coming to them, he didn’t confess. Was he not a part of the team yet? On to flashback number two: Turns out, Ali was at Cape May before she died, and she told CeCe that she thought she was pregnant with beach hottie’s baby. And you know who else was at Cape May around that time (thanks to a conveniently located picture at the Rosewood police station)? Detective Wilden. WHAT?! Could his role in all of this finally make sense?!

The episode ended with a red-jacketed figure (with hot red nails) taking a blow torch to a Hanna-esque bobble head. So, what did you guys think? Is Ezra gone for good? Was Ali pregnant with Detective Wilden’s baby? Why is Paige talking to Shana? And is red the new black? Also, how cute was Ezra’s haircut?

Next week: Emily remembers what happened that night at the grave!

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